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You enter the house. The modern TV just sits there. Most people have it. All those who can afford have it. There are exceptions. Some don't keep TV, maybe they strongly believe watching TV is waste. Of course, these days big flat TV is mounted on a wall. It is like an ornament adorning a wall. So, has TV become an essential household item? What draws us to watching TV? Is it boredom which makes us watch TV to provide us with some succor? Those of us who have been watching TV since childhood, we just switch on everyday, like we do brushing, as a daily ritual. What are alternatives to watching TV? I feel internet is definitely providing a stiff challenge to TV. I wonder if some study has been done to find what percentage of people have shifted to internet for news, entertainment etc. I was surprised that one could watch Euro Football matches live on web. And, for knowledge seekers, internet is proving to be a great resource. But, the ownership of computers and internet is very low, especially in a country like India. Even broadband availability is poor. Will TV ever become extinct?