इस शहर की तरकी को देखो,
बच्चों के सपनों को तरकी की ज़हरीली हवा में डूबता हुआ मत देखो
देश में अच्छे दिन है कुछ लोगों की मौत को मत देखो,
हमको क्या फर्क पड़े किसी और की दुनिया उजड़ने से हमारी इंसानियत का नकाब देखो ।।


हर सांस अंत की शुरुवात है
आखरी सांस ही अंत है
कोई सांस का हिसाभ है?
सिर्फ कर्मो की निशांनी रह जाती है
वह भी कुछ सालों में कहीं गुम हो जाती है
शायद कुछ निशान रह जाते है
पर उनका भी मतलब बदल जाता है
फिर कर्म क्यों?
फिर जीतने की तमना क्यों?


In the words I find Joy,
The self sours high,
Life has no meaning,
Death is the only ending,
Conquer the absurdity of being alive,
By doing what helps you escape from wondering ‘what to do in life’?


Am restless.
Heart is feeling restless.
Mind is the evil one,
Heart is the Saviour.
Mind offers options,
Heart offers truth.
Easy to follow the mind,
Courage needed to follow heart’s wishes.
Sometimes it is difficult to know,
Is it the heart or the mind, speaking
Most of the time mind wins,
But heart gets its way sometimes,
And the life is beautiful.


Where do they exist?
In the brain, or in the heart.
Many have faded, just gone
Many are still alive, can still feel those moments
Helps to connect with old friends
Make up the life story
Joyful moments, sad moments, silent moments
Desire to capture, and relive
Wish could remember some of the forgotten


Do you think pessimism is bad? I don’t think so. I have found in many situations that being pessimistic helps out. I am a programmer, and a pessimistic one at most times. In many programming situations, I tend to be pessimistic which helps to figure out loopholes.
The problem with pessimistic attitude is, when one allows it to overwhelm one’s mind to such an extent that it prevents one from taking an action due to fear of negative result.