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Checkmate. And, the game was finally over. The game had lasted for 6 hours. For those 6 hours, Jay was in a different world. He was in a zone, unaffected by the life he lived; the life which was better ignored. The game, was the only thing that mattered. Jay, was feeling a bit disappointed but there was a strange calmness within him. Why so? The game saw both the players getting an advantage at different moments, but were not able to convert into something meaningful. And, then came the endgame, which involves slow maneuvering of the pieces. Jay, enjoyed the process of planning, predicting, being surprised by opponent's moves, and finally getting out-maneuvered. And, he was ready to play the next game in the tournament. In life everyday is a struggle. Somethings workout, and some don't. But, if we accept both with the same equanimity, then the journey is joyful.