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List of tributes to VVS Laxman


I love reading tributes. It is fascinating how sometimes writers are able to capture some essence of a person in one line. Here are some related to retirement of Vangipurapu Venkata Sai Laxman - VVS- that artist dude next door - As a man destined for medicine, he perhaps had no appetite for the joys of poetry. He could inspire it among the followers, but never succumbed to its seduction himself. Quietly Laxman - He went about doing his things in his own way. His fame and legacy shows that there are pedestals beyond the podium too. It’s not always about finishing first. A touch of velvet - There was a vulnerability about VVS Laxman's batsmanship, a delicacy, that enhanced the brilliance of his strokeplay. A very personal tribute by Murali Kartik- "You always have maintained there are certain things you can't change about destiny. That has helped me to remain inspired, motivated and not get disgruntled about cricket despite being left out of the team so many times." Shard Ugra - To borrow from JK Rowling, in a dressing room of muggles - of varying and outstanding gifts, achievements and records - Laxman was always the only wizard.