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CSS Architecture - In depth post on bad and good CSS. Some points - Good - Predictable, Reusable, Maintainable, Scalable Bad Practices - modifying components based on who their parents are, overly complicated selectors, overly generic class names, making a rule do too much > All of the above bad practices share one similarity, they place far too much of the styling burden on the CSS.

> The best approach that I’ve found is for the CSS include as little HTML structure as possible. The CSS should define how a set of visual elements look and (in order to minimize coupling with the HTML) those elements should look as they’re defined regardless of where they appear in the HTML

[HTML Inspector](https://github.com/philipwalton/html-inspector)[CSS Lint](http://csslint.net/) \- tool to help point out problems with your CSS code[CSS Lint Source Code](https://github.com/stubbornella/csslint)