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Me and Rahul are working as volunteers. We help students in speaking English. We go to Kotak Unnati Center, at Goregaon every Saturday. This saturday we decided to give students words, using which they had to form sentences.

|--------------------|-------------------|---------------------|--------------------------| |I, We, She, He, They|is, were, was, here|play, go, brush, read|garden, movie, book, teeth| We told students to form sentences using words from at-least 3 columns. For example - " He is playing in the garden". Then we divided them into two groups; the winner will be the team with maximum correct sentences. We gave them about 10 minutes to come up with sentences. Some observations - 1) The students enjoyed the exercise. Each student wrote and spoke at-least one sentence. A team could raise objection if they felt the sentence spoken by the other team was wrong. 2) We helped them to understand about Articles - a, an , the. The common mistake some students were making was, missing "a" or "the", using "a" like "we were watching a cricket". 3) The students were told about sentence structure, tenses. 4) We had a discussion with the center head regarding the need for a curriculum. 5) We need to come prepared with some lesson plan. 6) English is a strange language. Some of the confusion we tried to clarify was - when to use see\ watch, shall\will. I did some research on google, and found that shall is rarely used in American English.

Use shall in the first person and will in the second and third persons for the simple future tense: I shall sing this afternoon. You will succeed. He will stay at home.

  1. Teaching is a 2-way street. I am both, a teacher and a learner in this situation. I have knowledge which I am sharing. But, I have to learn more, and learn ways to share the knowledge.

“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

“To learn and never be filled, is wisdom; to teach and never be weary, is love.”