Hi, I'm Vishal Sodani Developer

I love building products, solving problems. I am a self-taught polyglot programmer. In recent years, I have learned rust, golang. I have been building web applications in Django for last 10+ years as an independent freelancer.

Selected Work


Anibot is designed to be an AI help desk for a small company.

  1. LLM ( Open AI )
  2. RAG
  3. Django
  4. Postgres and pgvector
  5. Python
agency elevation


CandidMen is the perfect solution for men's designer wear at affordable rental prices. Enhancing and maintaining since 2022.

  1. Python
  2. Django
  3. Postgres
portfolio template

Booking platform for londonbicycle.com

Built from scratch; enhancing and maintaining since 2013. The app is the centre of operations, workforce availability and payroll.

  1. Python
  2. Django
  3. Postgres
contribute dev

My Toolkit

Python Django Postgres React Accessibility Shell Git JavaScript


  1. The driving force for this investment with Vishal is how quickly the project will repay itself. Before we start on a new project for the system, Vishal always makes sure he understands the parameters and the objectives before he starts coding. From a customer’s point of view it is very important we are not wasting time and energy on something that is not going to work.
    Rob Graham

    Robert Graham

    Director, londonbicycle.com

  2. I have been working with Vishal on IT and database projects since about 2011. He is very adept, organised, logical and reliable. We rarely have miscommunications, despite working remotely between Mumbai and London. He is an excellent problem solver and enjoys a challenge!
    Steve Kopandy

    Steve Kopandy

    Director of CycleCities.Tours

  3. Outstanding coding skills. Clear communication and high sense of responsibility. We worked together in over 10 projects, with successful results on each of them. I highly recommend Vishal as a trustable provider.
    Henry Silva Castillo

    Henry Silva Castillo


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Available for hire

As a software engineer, I build web products from scratch. I have also taken over and evolved various web applications

I'm also an open-source developer, and in my spare time, I have contributed.