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I love building products, solving problems. I am a self-taught polyglot programmer. In recent years, I have learned rust, golang.

I have been building web applications in Django for last 9+ years as an independent freelancer. In my earlier avatar, I had worked on various Microsoft platforms - Visual Basic and Dotnet.


Freelancer since 2011

My latest creations for self

I have helped Capybara SEO SAC, during 2014-present, in various Django projects to optimize websites for SEO and internationalization. The websites are - Danper , Casa Verde , Intiways Travel, Topsale.


Helped to add new features, fixed bugs and wrote tests


I worked for one year on foodfan.com. I helped in implementing an API for the iPhone App, importing data from openmenu, search using Sphinx, and other various features. Technical - Django, Postgres, Jquery

Vishal is easily one of the best and most reliable developers we have ever worked with. He is creative, passionate and talented and a true asset to any team. One of the most amazing things about vishal is his a ability to quickly and creatively solve challenging problems as they come up in a development environment. He is also a pleasure to communicate with and works extremely well independently or with a team - Carlo Cisco

Cycle Cities

Maintaining since 2011. In 2015-16 we moved to a new responsive design and added new features. In January 2017 we have made certain parts of website multi-lingual. The first language we have used is German.

Organic Inputs

Vishal is a highly professional Django developer. Not only was he able to work on every aspect of our Django application, he also took charge of developing many new features and had no problem with researching and implementing new plugins and tools that he did not already have experience with. - Bill

Other sites worked on - wardbaron.com, wienetwork.org

Desktop Application

Project BaghdadGate - Jordan (2009-11-01 to 2011-02-28)

"Mr. Sodani was an excellent software developer, who contributed in many layers and modules of the software, including: · Working on the GUI with Devexpress Toolbox · Laying down the core of the testing project with RhinoMocks/MbUnitTesting · Development of the Business Logic Layer · Contribution in the Data Access Layer with C# and LINQ to SQL · Implementing different scripts in SQL Server 2008 · Debugging and fixing of bugs and errors · Refactoring of code · Assisting with managerial tasks, like supervising testers, clarifying functionalities to newcomers." Ali Habib, Team Lead, BaghdadGate Team


Performance Optimization of www.SingaporeFurnitureRental.com

Vishal helped to successfully improved my website loading speed from the initially 10s (at some points, it was loading at 22s on average) to close to 3s. It was a tremendous improvement. It was slightly more costly than other freelancers, but I trusted his work and it did turn out well done. I would recommend his service - YI ZHANG

Reduced loading time from 25 seconds to 7 seconds for clustox.com


Educo was struggling to setup their website in joomla for 2 months. They had a windows hosting space and were facing issues. Helped them to setup a wordpress installation and move them to a new linux hosting space. Finished the work in 4 days. This opportunity was provided by iVolunteer.

Please contact me at vishalsodani at gmail dot com