Quotes on children

Children have a remarkable ability to see things in new and creative ways, things that we don’t really see because they’re so familiar.

@Gloria Walther
Think of a positive way to phrase what you want your child to do. Instead of just saying, “Don’t,” tell your child what they CAN do.

(Hmm, I need to keep this in my mind !)



When you know your true nature, there’s abundance. You can just keep giving it away-love, compassion, possessions, yourself.

8-10 hours a day is TOO long to be miserable. Multiply by the 40+ yrs you have left to work. Do what you love!

“When [children] have interest, then you have education.” – Arthur C Clark

“Education is a self organizing system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon.” – Sugata Mitra


Teaching Chess

I love chess, and teaching chess to kids. I have shared my passion for chess with kids over the years. It’s holiday season for kids living next door. I have taught them chess, over the last 2 years, depending on time and availability. Mostly, they don’t get time, as their focus is more on studies. And, now even I find difficult to spare time due to being father-at-home to a one year old son (loves eating chess pieces!!).

So, the issue was how to make them better at chess. I found, that they keep leaving their pieces “en-prise” i.e. unprotected. So, yesterday I decided to play chess with this rule – anyone who leaves their piece unprotected, and the piece is captured, looses the game; the winner stays on to play the next opponent . This turned out to be quite an interesting experience. I cannot gauge yet, if this helped them. In the evening, I watched 2 of them play a game. It was interesting that they were being careful not to leave a piece unprotected, and also both of them had castled( have been bombarding them about King safety and using castling every-time they play). And, this had one affect- now, they were developing other pieces too. They have a habit of developing couple of pieces, and moving them around. I have added one more rule to this game – allowing higher valued piece (like Rook) to be captured by lower valued piece(like Pawn), looses the game. This experiment will continue..


Tweet Philosophy

Last couple of weeks, some thoughts were occupying my mind. So, I put this question on twitter,

wondering – whether to run after money, or run after passion which may or may not pay.Not everyone is in a position to have such options

I got a thoughtful reply from @DesignedByBlind

You are more likely to be successful if you follow your passion. Try to combine money & passion.

I replied,

I agree. Because, money can be motivation only for some time, and then it looses the sheen. But money gives comfort n security, and needs courage to follow passion, which may not provide both.

And, he said,

Depens on personal preference. It isn’t all B&W. Sometimes trade-off in money but with increase on things that mater to you?


Health user story

In order to be in better health , as a person, I want to reduce fat from the body

Acceptance Criteria

Weight 62 kg (current: 67 kg)
Waist 33 inch (current: 35 inch)

I should be able to achieve this goal by the end of 2010. In last 12 months, I have reduced about 11 kg. I estimate that, I should be able to loose 1 kg\15 days. So, it should take about 10 weeks to loose 5 kg.

At present, I am regular with my evening walks. I go for evening walks at least 4days\week. I need to start morning walk, yoga and meditation. I will have weekly iterations.

First iteration begins on Wednesday, Oct 13, 2010.

  • Morning walk for 30 minutes
  • Yoga for 30 min
  • Home food is prepared with very little salt and oil. I need to stop having food after 10 pm.
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    Am restless.
    Heart is feeling restless.
    Mind is the evil one,
    Heart is the Saviour.
    Mind offers options,
    Heart offers truth.
    Easy to follow the mind,
    Courage needed to follow heart’s wishes.
    Sometimes it is difficult to know,
    Is it the heart or the mind, speaking
    Most of the time mind wins,
    But heart gets its way sometimes,
    And the life is beautiful.



    Where do they exist?
    In the brain, or in the heart.
    Many have faded, just gone
    Many are still alive, can still feel those moments
    Helps to connect with old friends
    Make up the life story
    Joyful moments, sad moments, silent moments
    Desire to capture, and relive
    Wish could remember some of the forgotten


    Who am I

    I am a human,
    I am an individual,
    I am a son,
    I am a brother,
    I am an uncle,
    I am a mentor,
    I am a husband,
    I am a father,
    I am a friend,
    I am.
    Or, Am I.
    Is everything, just an illusion?


    Positive Thinking

    I got this sms today –

    POSITIVE THINKING is not about EXPECTING the Best to happen. But, its about ACCEPTING that whatever happens is Always for the Best

    I agree with the sentiment. Whatever will be, will be. Acceptance is the best way to be peaceful. But, it does not mean that we should avoid taking an appropriate action, which each moment, requires from us. Every moment, is full of choices. It is up-to us, to select a choice which reflects our temperament or, we select that choice which we know will be the best for the given situation. The choice we make, may lead to an unpleasant result. But, we should just reflect and move on.

    Life work


    Do you think pessimism is bad? I don’t think so. I have found in many situations that being pessimistic helps out. I am a programmer, and a pessimistic one at most times. In many programming situations, I tend to be pessimistic which helps to figure out loopholes.
    The problem with pessimistic attitude is, when one allows it to overwhelm one’s mind to such an extent that it prevents one from taking an action due to fear of negative result.