Tributes to Sachin Tendulkar

Gideon Haigh in ESPN ,

This is the man. I’ve seen many great visiting players at the MCG, but none, I suspect, whom the crowd has so openly wanted to succeed – his achievement, they sense, will ennoble them also.

Rohit Brijnath Sachin

Genius who didn’t swear, smoke, drink. Genius so venerated that he never got to taste the beauty of the ordinary life.
Will he regret his last years, his stumbling towards his final century, his testing of public faith, his riding for a brief time on his name when for his entire career he had so wonderfully done the opposite?
Greatness is common; in wearing his greatness gently and his legend discreetly, for so long, Tendulkar was uncommon

Where the Gods Live On … and On

In a land of chronic inefficiency, he was remorselessly efficient; in a land with a global inferiority complex, he was the best in the world; in a land where public figures are strutting peacocks, he was often a picture of painful humility; in a land that thirsts for self-respect, Sachin spelled pride.

Ian Bishop,

The sight of the straight lines of the bat on its downswing; the power of the back foot punch; thanks for the memories Sachin. Glad you came

From Clock stops at 24 ,

In 2010, at the age of 37, Tendulkar witnessed his greatest year in Test cricket, with 1,562 runs including two double centuries in his seven three-figure scores, the last of which saw him reach 50 Test hundreds

Allan Donald, quoted in Guardian

Tendulkar mastered an art that defies easy understanding. The cognition, the selection, the execution. It is all done in the time it takes to tap your finger twice on a table

Matthew Hayden said it was “beyond chaos” when Tendulkar came out to the crease, calling it “a frantic appeal by a nation to one man”

A fan’s comment, Where do warriors go?

He was engaged in the relentless pursuit of batting perfection. Before people throw stones at the giant, they should first ask themselves whether they have ever dedicated themselves solely towards one endeavour like that.

The Hindu

There have been several exceptional careers in cricket, but save for Don Bradman there hasn’t been a phenomenon — in terms of the collective experience of the artiste — like Tendulkar
And yet Tendulkar wore it with lightness and dignity, making brilliance commonplace, unremarkable


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