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Last couple of weeks, some thoughts were occupying my mind. So, I put this question on twitter,

wondering – whether to run after money, or run after passion which may or may not pay.Not everyone is in a position to have such options

I got a thoughtful reply from @DesignedByBlind

You are more likely to be successful if you follow your passion. Try to combine money & passion.

I replied,

I agree. Because, money can be motivation only for some time, and then it looses the sheen. But money gives comfort n security, and needs courage to follow passion, which may not provide both.

And, he said,

Depens on personal preference. It isn’t all B&W. Sometimes trade-off in money but with increase on things that mater to you?


Health user story

In order to be in better health , as a person, I want to reduce fat from the body

Acceptance Criteria

Weight 62 kg (current: 67 kg)
Waist 33 inch (current: 35 inch)

I should be able to achieve this goal by the end of 2010. In last 12 months, I have reduced about 11 kg. I estimate that, I should be able to loose 1 kg\15 days. So, it should take about 10 weeks to loose 5 kg.

At present, I am regular with my evening walks. I go for evening walks at least 4days\week. I need to start morning walk, yoga and meditation. I will have weekly iterations.

First iteration begins on Wednesday, Oct 13, 2010.

  • Morning walk for 30 minutes
  • Yoga for 30 min
  • Home food is prepared with very little salt and oil. I need to stop having food after 10 pm.
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    Am restless.
    Heart is feeling restless.
    Mind is the evil one,
    Heart is the Saviour.
    Mind offers options,
    Heart offers truth.
    Easy to follow the mind,
    Courage needed to follow heart’s wishes.
    Sometimes it is difficult to know,
    Is it the heart or the mind, speaking
    Most of the time mind wins,
    But heart gets its way sometimes,
    And the life is beautiful.